World Post Graduate 2017 (WPG 2017)

World Post Graduate 2017

The growth of number of postgraduate students in Indonesia is evident in recent years. Tertiary students, business owners, professionals, and executives are increasingly pursuing post graduate education. Despite their busy schedules, these adult learners are taking up a post graduate course to further their knowledge and to improve their skills relevant in the rapidly evolving economy.

Employers value that experience and often entrust PG-qualified applicants with greater responsibilities. In fact, in some fields, a postgraduate qualification is the only way into certain stages of a career, especially so in academia. Postgraduates may begin on a higher starting salary and advance more quickly for some lines of work, but for other careers work experience is valued over postgraduate study.

Tertiary students and working adults know the importance, and have become an increasing trend in taking postgraduate studies. Based on the report “Postgraduate mobility trends to 2024” by British Council, Indonesia is one of the top 5 countries in the world with the largest number of postgraduate students by 2024.

With this upcoming trend and need of the industry, WPG aims to provide this need by bringing world class institutions from all over the world, including Indonesia, to present to interested participants. WPG will invite Postgraduate providers from over 20 countries including Indonesia and showcase them in the form of an education exhibition. This is to provide interested participants the widest options available in-country and overseas. In addtion to the exhibition, WPG will also have useful and beneficial seminars such as aptitude tests, scholarship opportunities, and career talks by industry professionals.

The Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education will inform this event to the current university students numbering over five million. In addition, WPG will promote the event through various media channels, online and offline, and also partnering with Human Resources Companies to promote the event to their databases of working adults.

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